Monona Rag sucks

Dear JDM, Just wanted to let you know that the Monona Rag is kind of sucking of late. Could it be that Monona is getting dull? Is this the calm before the storm? What’s next? School referendum? What issues are not being talked about in this city? Readers, give JDM some help! PS – thanks […]

Super Friendly Horse helps lawmaker flee state

I was hanging around back of Cranberry Creek yesterday – the nice people will give me carrots and apples from time to time – when I saw a man come rushing past. He had an anxious air to him – jumpy, looking around. Being the super friendly horse that I am, I trotted over and […]

Thanksgiving with Super Friendly Horse

I’m thankful to many things, including: Carrots The fact that Monona Drive is visible from outer space with all the new streetlights The cops who let me run through stop signs on Winnequah without giving me a ticket Rossi’s pizza – extra cheese A healthy poop on the lawn of people I don’t like A […]

Musings from a Super Friendly Horse

Why can’t people keep their leaves in their yard when they bring them to the curb? Winnequah is a pretty park. All the goose poop doesn’t bother me. People should appreciate it more. I prefer the coffee at Caribou over Starbucks. We could use a ninja on our school board. What does ‘Monona’ mean? Were […]