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Chad Speight takes a stand

Monona city councilman Chad Speight has thrown down the gauntlet. In a bold statement, Speight has vowed that he will not be part of turning Monona into a third world, red-meat eating, fewer stop sign set ups, not as many sidewalks, union busting, Fox news watching, corporate farm loving, gas guzzling, K-12 supporting, tax cutting, […]

Wiswell to run again for city council; Kathy Thomas eying run

After some speculation, word is out that long time city councilman Jeff Wiswell will run for another term this spring. Also, the Herald-Independent posted a story on the spring elections earlier this week, noting that former councilwoman Kathy Thomas is looking to run again as well. The inclusion of Thomas was not a surprise. She […]

Ole Local Politician’s Sanctuary?

A local Monona Pony Rescue group has admitted that most of the recorded rescues over the past five years were, in fact, local politicians in ‘really convincing’ pony costumes. It also announced an immediate overhaul of its admission procedures. “It’s quite difficult to spot a real pony from a fake one,” said a spokesperson for […]

Q&A with Mayor Bob

Monona Mayor Bob Miller has been on the job for about half a year now. We thought we’d check in with Mayor Bob and have a short Q&A. We thank Mayor Miller for participating. Please note that all responses are unedited. We compliment Bob on his ability to spell/use spellcheck. Well done. Question: With regard […]

City Council – ins and outs

Sunny had a recent column in which she reported Scott Munson would not run for city council next spring. Munson cited a desire to be with family in the evenings more than hanging out with a bunch of middle-aged men as his reason for stepping aside. The move is not a shocker, as Munson had […]

Mayor Bob Miller provides answers

The Rag recently requested a one-on-one interview with Mayor Bob Miller. Unfortunately, Bob could not take our questions. However, when he said he would provide us with answers – straightforward, compelling and direct answers – we could not refuse. Answers from Bob Miller Answer 1: Hope Answer 2: PertPlus Shampoo and Conditioner Answer 3: Not […]

City Council increases Winnequah Dr. speed limit to 45; removes stop signs; blame Speight’s brownies

In a surprise move, the Monona City Council voted to remove all stop signs on Winnequah Drive. The move was proposed by Alderman Doug Wood after someone complained about speeders on the road. “I’m tired of these people,” moaned Wood. “Can’t we end this crap?” The other council members quickly agreed and decided they’d not […]

Monona City Council goes on spending spree

The Monona city council recently ditched their normal meeting at the public library, and instead decided to meet at a local drinking establishment. The result was spending gone crazy and a serious waste of taxpayer money. Here’s a look at the bar tab that was submitted to the city as an expense: Not only was […]

What the city could do with $20,000?

The city recently approved a new restroom at Fireman’s Park, which includes $20,000 for solar panels to light the facility. Some are saying it’s a waste of money. What else could we use $20,000 for. Here’s a list: $2.50 tax rebate to every Monona citizen. 4,000 pooping santas 2,500 boxes of candy cigarettes 3,636 containers […]

What are Mayor Bob’s moves?

We have a new mayor, a new alderman, a new council president – what does this mean for Monona. What course do you think Mayor Miller and the re-configured council will take in the coming months? What are projects/things you’d like to see them address? What are the things you are AFRAID they will do? […]