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Vote, Assholes

Jesus Christ, stop whining about everything and just go friggin’ vote on Tuesday. Who should you vote for? How the hell should I know? I not friggin’ you. Figure it out yourself. If you haven’t by now, stay away from me and my family. I don’t want you dating my kids if you can’t figure […]

Where have all the white Protestants gone?

I must say, the American electoral system is archaic and confusing. But over the decades I could count on good white protestants to ascend to the top of the system. John Kennedy, the Catholic son of a New England bootlegger, was an aberration. An anomaly. Once he tragically passed on, the American people went back […]

Robb Kahl’s Assembly Bid

Robb Kahl is making a bid for the Wisconsin assembly in the newly restructured 47th district. The move isn’t a shocker, but many were surprised that Kahl is running as a democrat. In Kahl’s time as Monona’s mayor, he worked to avoid saying what ‘party’ he was part of. But many saw him as a […]

City council race veers toward meaningless

The withdrawal of Jeff Wiswell from the city council race (on the heels of Dennis Kugle’s withdrawal) all but makes the upcoming election meaningless. Mary O’Connor, Kathy Thomas and Brian Holmquist are now running for three seats – making them all shoo ins for a 2-year term. I was surprised that Wiswell decided to file […]

John Doe investigation leads to arrest of 46 Monona Grove school kids

The latest in the state’s secret John Doe investigation has led to the arrest of 46 school kids at Glacial Drumlin School in Cottage Grove. The 46 children are accused of working on the ‘Recall Walker’ campaign while they were supposed to be doing school work and attending class. The kids, ranging in age from […]

Q&A with Mayor Bob

Monona Mayor Bob Miller has been on the job for about half a year now. We thought we’d check in with Mayor Bob and have a short Q&A. We thank Mayor Miller for participating. Please note that all responses are unedited. We compliment Bob on his ability to spell/use spellcheck. Well done. Question: With regard […]

10 signs Bob Miller is letting power go to his head

Bob Miller recently became Monona’s newest mayor. While winning an elected office can change some people, there are whispers that Miller’s already become a bit crazy with power. Here’s a list of 10 items proposed by Bob Miller that show that power has gone to this head: Remove bump outs on Winnequah and replace them […]

Super Friendly Horse comes in 3rd in hotly contested school board race

Super Friendly Horse came in 3rd in the recent school board race. According to our friend, Sunny, SFH had two votes, beating out John K. Doe, Mickey Mouse, Sue Manning and Joe Blow. Super Friendly Horse’s two votes weren’t quite enough to win a spot on the school board. Those went to Sue Fox and […]

Mayor-elect Bob Miller announces a ‘Greener, Brighter, Bluer, Liberaler, Democraticer’ Monona

Mayor-elect Bob Miller wasted little time outlining his future agenda for Monona. Standing beside just elected alders Chad Speight and Doug Wood, Miller promised a ‘Greener, Brighter, Bluer, Liberaler, Democraticor’ Monona. “Your worst nightmares have come true!” Miller shouted at a press conference surrounded by cheering supporters, who feasted on foie gras, wine coolers and […]

Miller scores huge win in mayoral race

Bob Miller is da man in Monona. Miller put the hurt on Jeff Wiswell, capturing almost 64% of the vote in today’s election. Over 4,000 ballots were cast. My initial thoughts about Miller’s victory are that Bob did a good job generating early buzz for his candidacy, he kept it up (lots of yard signs, […]