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Epic Mexican Restaurant Tour

Goal: Try a bunch of Mexican places within a few miles of Monona in one weekend. I did more yard work than a pack a mules working a goldmine in Namibia on Saturday and then again on Sunday. It was time for a tacos and a large margarita. Lunchtime started at La Bamba.  The sign […]

Cranberry Creek boasts best burger in town

Monona has a lot of good burger joints. Red Robin burgers are consistently very good. The Silver Eagle’s burger is great – and at a super price. But now I have found my favorite Monona hamburger at Cranberry Creek. I’ve been seeing the sign outside of the Cranberry Creek restaurant all winter about how they […]

Wahoo!!! The salads are here!!!

Salad Creations has opened in the old Rossario’s location on Monona Drive. And not a moment too soon. If there’s anything that will revitalize the Monona Drive experience, it’s a really good salad. Steaks? Craft beers? Fancy gyms? Screw that – we have salads!!! Spinach, iceberg lettuce, romaine, arugula, swiss chard – thank god they’re […]

Rossario’s restaurant reportedly closing

A reader has informed us that long time Monona restaurant, Rossario’s, will close as of this weekend. The last day is September 3. The move doesn’t shock us, but it still makes us sad. Many Monona residents have great memories of the old fashion supper club. The closing isn’t a surprise. The restaurant had cut […]

Solutions offered for Bourbon Street Grille problems

The Bourbon Street Grille continues to cause headaches for Monona. On March 26, the police reported a fight involving 25 people. 17 law enforcement officers were needed to get the situation under control. Monona police and the bar’s owner offer differing views of the events, but the ultimate outcome was that in order to keep […]

City Council Bans Collective Bargaining at Local Mexican Restaurants

In a unanimous vote, the Monona city council, lead by Mayor Robb Kahl, has stripped collective bargaining rights from area Mexican restaurants. It’s a crisis situation,” said Kahl. “We need to maintain the low costs that come with the tasty goodness that is Mexican food,” said Alderman Mike Veserat. The move comes in the wake […]

Favorite Monona Restaurant Dishes

In an effort to help out our local restaurants, I’m asking people to make suggestions to our readers about their favorite meals. Perhaps it will inspire others to take an extra visit to our local establishments. Feel free to mention food that you can take home to cook – such as the steaks below. Here’s […]

Food Hopping on Monona Drive

Monona Drive has lots of quality cuisine choices. So instead of bar hopping, let’s go food hopping down Monona and pick 10 great places – and something to eat. Please note, we’re not including every food stop, just 1o of them. Taco Johns – No question what to get here – Potato Oles. Deep fried […]

Monona Restaurants Struggle With Construction

We’ve heard that many Monona restaurants have taken a hit with the construction on Monona Drive. While that’s not unexpected, it’s a reminder to us all to try and support our local businesses. And while many people say they are visiting their favorite eateries as often as they did before the construction began, the problem […]

Restaurant Review: David’s Jamaican

David’s Jamaican restaurant has been on Monona Drive for quite a few years. It is, like so many of Monona Drive’s establishments, a locally run business. We spent some time recently tasting many David’s offerings, and here’s our report. The Good The Jerk Chicken if fabulous. The only thing we had that came close was […]