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$17.2 million pedestrian bridge approved for Winnequah Road

In a move to improve pedestrian safety in Monona, the city council has approved a foot bridge that will help citizens safely cross Winnequah Rd. The $17.2 million structure will be located between the intersections of Graham and Frost Woods. “It’s been a long time coming,” said a local resident. Construction of the bridge will […]

Parks Director Jake Anderson Proposes White Tiger Hunt at Winnequah Park

In an effort to raise money for the Parks and Rec department, director Jake Anderson has proposed a safari-like Siberian tiger hunt at Winnequah Park. “We’ll bring in those big tigers and sell off the rights to shoot ’em,” Anderson told the Rag. The cost of importing the endangered White Siberian tigers was not reported, […]

Stop sign at Frost Woods/Winnequah to go away

Doug Wood is reporting on his blog that stop sign at Frost Woods/Winnequah will be removed. A pedestrian crossing sign will be added. The reasoning for the move is that traffic speeds actually increased between Greewood and Graham after the sign was installed. The percent of traffic traveling 30-34 mph increased from 6% to 23%. […]

Sidewalks in Monona

Sidewalks in Monona? Do we need more? In 2009, then-alderman Chad Speight made sidewalks a campaign point. Speight felt there were some opportunities in the city to improve safety, especially for kids walking to schools. In many ways, I think this move backfired on Speight. I think his opponents (successfully) portrayed the idea as an […]

Monona to consider stop sign alternatives on Winnequah

The Monona city council is due to discuss the state of the two stop signs on Winnequah Drive later this month. When the signs were originally installed, the plan was monitor the effectiveness of the signs, and potentially have them removed on November 1st. But now a new option is reportedly being considered by the city. […]

Solar-Powered Speed Tracking Signs Pop Up on Winnequah Road

Where did these signs come from? And where will they be going? A reader sent us a note about two new speed limit signs on Winnequah Rd. They were not thrilled about them. Not really knowing what to expect, I took a walk down Winnequah on Saturday to check them out and was surprised to […]

Winnequah Stop Signs

It’s been a week since the two stop signs were put in on Winnequah Road. My initial reaction was it really ruins what was a pretty nice drive. I have to admit, I hate the stop signs. But I understand why the locals want these. Still, as some have pointed out, we aren’t supposed to […]

Winnequah Road slowdown measures

Monona’s intrepid government has been discussing potential ways of slowing down traffic on Winnequah Road. Our first thoughts are “how bad is the speeding anyhow”. Now, I’m not talking anecdotal comments from the locals – I’m talking about real tracking data about the speed on the road. I say this because what 25 mph speed […]

Bump outs on Winnequah Road

Who had the brilliant idea to do these bump outs on Winneqauh Road in Monona. And even worse, who approved the  things? I mean, common sense should have said they were plain dumb. The idea is that the bumps outs would cause drivers to slow down as the road got narrower (at least, that’s what […]