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District Budgets Cut Proposals

We’re a little late to the table on this, but we wanted to hear your thoughts.

The district has come up with $759,531 in budget cuts for 2011-12. Not the $1 million we thought, but still substantial. We have say that in looking at the cuts, it’s not good to have ‘assistant’ in your job title at MG.

But first, we have some questions. The main one is that there is a $243,531 reduction due to closing Maywood. That’s fine. But the district website shows that there is a $225,000-250,000 one-time cost to upgrade Winnequah so that it can take K-2 graders. I believe there was around $60,000-70,000 left over from the referendum fund that could be used for an upgrade like this, but that still leaves $150,000-180,000 that is unaccounted for.

Also, what is the status of the $850,000 the district is getting from the federal government? The H-I reported that some of it will be used cover deficits – but how much? Or is it going to projects of some kind.

As for the budget cuts, there are no specific programs on the block. 4th grade strings isn’t being threatened. No sports programs. The major cuts are about 12 positions. Assistants and coordinators took it on the chin.

Please review and let us know your thoughts. Also, what’s next? Is a referendum on the horizon? If so, let’s hope the district puts out a list of what gets cut if that fails.

Consolidation of Maywood and Winnequah Schools – $243,531
Snow Removal Schedule $25,000
Eliminate Asst. Principal at Cottage Grove School .2 FTE $21,000
Diversity Coordinator Position by .5 FTE $23,000
Special Education Teacher – Winnequah 1.0 FTE $60,000
Early Childhood Teacher – .6 FTE $45,000
Early Childhood Educational Assistant – Maywood – .5 FTE $10,000
Early Childhood Educational Assistant $5,000
Technology Educational Assistant – Glacial Drumlin .4 FTE $15,000
Route Coordinator/Assistant Transportation Position $25,000
Building Checks (Sundays Only) $11,000
School-to-Work Coordinator $60,000
High School Writing Lab Educational Assistant $35,000
District Human Resources Position $20,000
High School Copy Position $11,000
Increase Walk Zone $50,000
Building and Department Budgets $100,000

School District cut proposals for 2011-12

The MG School District recently received a $850,000 from the federal Education Jobs Fund. Superintendent Gerlach says the funding will help short term planning, but long term, the district needs to make some tough choices.

With that in mind, the district compiled a list of changes for the 2011-12 school year. Here are the cuts and savings proposed:

  • Strings sections replaced by Kazoos – $41,000
  • Shop class devoted to making license plate for state – nets $.12 per plate – $3,000
  • Costs of crushing students hopes and dreams reduced  with new specialized training – $8,000
  • Require students to provide own frogs for dissection – $1,100
  • Toilet paper replaced by old Independent-Herald newspapers cut up in squares – $42,000
  • Control student running in halls with solar-powered speed limit signs that replace hall monitors – $6,000
  • Sell one child each semester to labs for experiments – $28,000
  • Smoldering hatred between school board members bottled and turned into energy – $34,000
  • Craig Gerlach’s mustache auctioned – $6
  • Ad space sold on MG football helmets – $800
  • 8th grade trip to DC replaced with night at Silver Eagle bar – $5,000
  • New ‘Toilet Cleaning’ classes replace custodial needs – $16,000
  • Monona Grove Silver Eagles name changed to Monona Grove Fat Jacks – $9,000
  • Sports teams will bike to away games instead of using buses – $15,000
  • “Teachers of Monona Grove” calendar fundraiser – $14
  • Loot McFarland school district with strategic night time attack – $11,000

Monona Community Calendar

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