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Charter School Concept Lives

After hearing some questions about the status of the charter school idea, I contacted several of  our board members, and one sent me to Nancy Gagnon, who provided an update about the concept. Is the charter school idea dead? No. There is a steering committee working for the what is called the Monona Grove School […]

Maywood of the future

The recent vote to keep Maywood open is just life support. People can’t forget that. It will be too expensive to keep Maywood open as long as K-5 fits comfortably within the wall of Winnequah School. So, how do we keep Maywood open beyond 2010-11? I see two options. First, you can make it so […]

Next Steps for Maywood School

Maywood School has achieved a one year extension on life, but the long term health of the beloved elementary school is not good. The district is in serious money problems – and Monona has to make a serious argument to keep the school open. No one doubts that Maywood is a wonderful school, and that […]

Charter School in Monona?

As we said the other night, the phrase ‘charter school’ is going to be a buzz word around Monona. The other night, Mayor Kahl presented a charter school idea to the board, so now we get to have debating this idea. There’s some discussion over at Board Member Jessica Ace’s site. Below is the mayor’s […]