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You know you are a cottage grover when…

We found this on the web and thought w’ed share – it’s ‘You know you are a cottge grover when…’ page on Facebook (not my spelling!). I find it pretty amusing that more than 40% of the items involve disliking Monona. Another 1/3 is not particularly flattering regarding Cottage Grove – but at least they […]

A dream school scenario

Someone wrote us and asked, “What if you could create the school district system from scratch? What would you do?” An interesting challenge. If I had a magic wand, here’s some quick changes I would do: 1. Expand each of the three Cottage Grove schools so they had more room. 2. Give Monona back K-8, […]

Festering anger between Cottage Grove and Monona

This is a rather long post, so bear with us today. Last week, I ran into a former coworker who I had not seen in several years. She had lived in Cottage Grove for many years, raising two kids who went through the Monona Grove school system. After the kids graduated from high school about […]

Is Cottage Grove PTO endorsing Sobol and Pickel? Looks like it.

This past weekend the Cottage Grove PTO did a literature drop to get people out to vote. Unfortunately, they ‘accidentally’ stapled information for Jennifer Picket and Peter Sobol to the flyers. They said it was an accident, but they also include a link to a group called – which has endorsed two candidates (guess […]

District Split Info

The School Board said last week that it would post information regarding the split report published several years ago. People have been wondering when that would be forthcoming, and since we haven’t seen it yet, the Monona Rag has decided to take it upon ourselves to provide the information for the public now. Attached is […]

Fox in the Hen House

Some folks have said that Monona Grove School Board member Sue Fox has put the screws on Monona with her vote to move 6th graders to Cottage Grove and her apparent support of closing Maywood School – in the Comedy Herald she is quoted as ‘agreeing’ with Craig Gerlach with regard to closing Maywood, saying, […]