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Monona Community Calendar

Here’s a list of some of the great family events happening in Monona that you should make sure you put on your calendar.

Great Road Construction Celebration
All Year through 2015

Rally for a Stop Sign at (insert street)
All Year Long

School Closing / Budget Cut Bonanza

Election Hysteria

Ill-Informed Letters to Editor Bash
Usually coincides with School Closings / Budget Cuts and Election Hysteria

Belle Island Sandbag Party
May (bi-annual event)

Winnequah Park Hash and Marijuana Fest
Saturday nights, all Summer long

Monona/Cottage Grove School Board Festival of Peace and Harmony

Insane ‘How did this get on the Agenda’ City Council Issue Marathon
Date Varies

Goose Poop Frolic

Rake Your Leaves into the Streets Festival

Doug Wood Wears a Tie Day

Christmas with TIF