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Monona Blogs on Life Support

Last month, Monona Alderman Doug Wood made official what we all knew – he was done posting on his blog – No matter what you think of Wood, he was a prolific writer. By his count, he wrote over 1,500 in about five years. It was not all political content, but instead a mixture […]

Where have you gone, Gerhardt Fregien, R.Ph.

I miss Gerhardt Fregien. He haunts my dreams. Who is Gerhardt Fregien, you ask? Gerhardt was the most awesome part of the Herald-Independent’s website. The H-I ran an advertisement in the left column of their page for the Medicine Shoppe on Monona Drive for about 350 years. And on that ad was a picture of […]

Sobol’s undies in a bundle

Sunny went postal on the school board a couple of weeks ago, calling them a ‘bunch of monkeys’ in her column. The reference came up when she criticized the board for not having a member in negotiations with the teachers union. That got Peter Sobol’s undies in a bundle¬†on his blog and in the Herald […]

Monona happenings

In all of our angst it’s time to remind the world of what’s important – put a little perspective on life. As many no doubt have heard, Monona Library Director Demita Gerber had a brain aneurysm and will be on medical leave for a while. Demita has a done a great job maintaining and improving […] banned from school literature

School Board President Sue Fox told the Cottage Grove PTO and the district buildings that literature was not allowed in any future fliers sent home with kids or on their website. The Herald Independent also asked where was Superintendent Craig Gerlach during this mess and Fox basically said he was behind the lawyers skirts. […]

Way to go, Adam

We like to make fun of the Herald-Independent – our local newspaper. From the goofy articles by Sonny, to their willingness to print all sorts of letters, it can be fairly amusing (hence the ‘comedy herald’ reference). Still, the Monona Rag would like to give a shout out to Adam Mella, the paper’s Managing Editor. […]