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Ole Local Politician’s Sanctuary?

A local Monona Pony Rescue group has admitted that most of the recorded rescues over the past five years were, in fact, local politicians in ‘really convincing’ pony costumes. It also announced an immediate overhaul of its admission procedures. “It’s quite difficult to spot a real pony from a fake one,” said a spokesperson for […]

Thanksgiving with Super Friendly Horse

I’m thankful to many things, including: Carrots The fact that Monona Drive is visible from outer space with all the new streetlights The cops who let me run through stop signs on Winnequah without giving me a ticket Rossi’s pizza – extra cheese A healthy poop on the lawn of people I don’t like A […]

Musings from a Super Friendly Horse

Why can’t people keep their leaves in their yard when they bring them to the curb? Winnequah is a pretty park. All the goose poop doesn’t bother me. People should appreciate it more. I prefer the coffee at Caribou over Starbucks. We could use a ninja on our school board. What does ‘Monona’ mean? Were […]

Monona to consider stop sign alternatives on Winnequah

The Monona city council is due to discuss the state of the two stop signs on Winnequah Drive later this month.¬†When the signs were originally installed, the plan was monitor the effectiveness of the signs, and potentially have them removed on November 1st. But now a new option is reportedly being considered by the city. […]