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School Board Fashion Review – May 2011

Designer Karl Lagerfeld begs for madness to stop

This was barely a step above a city council fashion review. Dull, dull and more dull. I almost cried watching. I miss Jill List.

One side of the room wore black. Most of the other side was stuck in 1978.

Thanks to Superintendent Gerlach and Lionel Norton for adding some variety to the affair.

Here’s a rundown.

Craig Gerlach – The superintendent was natty looking wearing a turquoise dress shirt and tie. We liked his sharply cropped head of hair. It was fun to watch him let his glasses hang off the edge of his nose as he looked around at the school board. We give Gerlach credit – he’s consistently natty at these events. Maybe next time he can take a risk and go more casual – maybe a nice polo.

Susan Manning – One of the row of black (with Jason McCutchin and Jessica Ace). Susan wore black jacket over of a white top. It was classic and smart. Nothing earth shattering, but nicely done. A nice floral pattern scarf would have looked good with this outfit, bringing some color to the mix. Perhaps next time.

Jessica Ace – Just a simple black top. Nothing to stand out. Just a bit dull. We want Jessica to do better – I nice dress with some color or a pattern might be interesting.

Jason McCutchin – Jason continues the dullness with a black polo shirt. It’s a ‘meh’. Nothing wrong, nothing exceptional. We’d like to see Jason step up his game and wear a sharp, deep purple dress shirt (long sleeve) with a colorful tie (not to garish, but enough to pop a bit).

Dean Bowles – The board’s newest member gets his first fashion review. The results are nothing to write home about. Bowles is wearing a crisscross pattern short sleeve shirt that could be at home in any decade. Is it timeless? Maybe in a supper club. First step for Dean is to work on the comb over.

Susan Fox – A grayish jacket over a white top is predictably average. Sue needs a sleekness upgrade. Her wardrobe is never offensive, but never grabbing our attention.

Peter Sobol – Drab green shirt, short sleeve. Mustache. Peter Sobol does not change. Should we even try to change Peter? He is like granite – gray and drab and unchanging in face of any storm or circumstance. Final note – trim the hair – it’s getting a little shaggy.

Lionel Norton – Norton wore a white and purple checked shirt. The pattern was like the picnic tablecloth my parents had when I was a kid. Not that Lionel looked like a table cloth. The shirt was good. The purple, as well as pattern, offered the most unique garment of the night. We also liked the scruffy three-day beard with the shaved head – Lionel looked cool. Lionel should wear a suit to an upcoming meeting. A pin strip suit of gray or blue would be a killer.

School Board Fashion Review

"Damn, they look almost as awesome as I do."

The weather was hot for the last School Board meeting, but we have to say the fashions were sweltering.

My fingers are sweating it was so good.

And the best? It was all the best! Simply amazing. Let’s start at the top.

Superintendent Craig Gerlach was dashing and casual all at once in a tan wool Giorgio Armani sport coat. His comfy Ecco Oxfords were a perfect match. It was all complimented by a Tag Heuer Aquaracer Automatic Watch. It was smart and sophisticated.

Things are smoldering hot!

On the board we’ll start with the very pregnant Jessica Ace. Ms. Ace was, frankly, stunning in a Isabella Oliver maternity dress with yellow floral patterns. The Bulgari clutch bag was adorable. Simple and elegant.

My fingers are burning up!

Next we look at Peter Sobol. Today, Peter was sharp and colorful, with a Roberto Cavalli ensemble of tan slacks with light linen jacket over a purple shirt. It was hip and SUPER comfy looking. The David Yurman gold bracelet on his right wrist was an equally cool touch.

We’re smokin’ now.

Board president Susan Fox kept up her appearance with her position, choosing a brown Dolce & Gabbana wool suit. But Susan busted out of the conservative look with a leopard-print satin long sleeve shirt – also from Dolce & Gabbana. The outfit was nicely finished out with Alexandre Birman ankle boots and a leather bag from Alexander McQueen.

I’m feel like I’m at Milan Fashion Week. Too much fun.

Lionel Norton was the next fashion maven to grace the board meeting. Norton was the most casual board member of the night, but not the least stylish. He wore dark designer jeans from hip fashion brand 7 For All Mankind. With the jeans he wore a gray John Varvatos vest over a simple white shirt. And the best was the awesome leather boots from Salvatore Ferragamo.

So cool it’s hot.

The last of our female board members in attendance was Susan Manning, who kept things at a high level with dark blue double-breasted blazer from Michael Kors. The black Akris Punto were a nice match, and the Burberry scarf was an even better touch.

I am weeping with joy.

The final board member was Jason McCutchin – and he didn’t disappoint. Jason wore a gray Gucci blazer with light strips along with black slacks. His shirt was basic white, which only helped the aqua and blue striped Stefano Ricci tie stand out. The classic Rolex Submariner finished out the outfit.

Things are simply white hot!

We’re sorry Jill List was unavailable for the amazing night of fashion. We look forward to her Louis Vuitton outfit for the next affair.

Donatella Versace eat your heart out. We have the Monona Grove School Board.

School Board Fashion Review

The board meeting is online, so it’s time for our look at this week’s fashion at the Monona Grove School Board meeting.

The Good

For the gentlemen, Lionel Norton had the Sears catalog khakis/dress shirt casual look down. Well done. Superintendent Gerlach did the sport jacket and tie – he handles that look well.

For the ladies, Jessica Ace was dressed nicely, sporting a baby bump under her dark dress.

Susan Manning did well – not great – but fine. She looked pretty sharp with a nice blue sweater and dark slacks – can’t go wrong.

The Average

Sue Fox went with the sweater and slacks look, but it just wasn’t happening. Sorry, Susan. A little too frumpy.

Peter Sobol isn’t going to win any fashion awards. His everyman outfit looked like a million middle-aged guys.

Jill List appeared to coming off of a Rosanne episode.

The Bad

What in heaven was Jason McCutchin thinking? He showed up in shorts and a hockey shirt (or some sort of sports type shirt). Sorry, Jason, but you’re not drinking beer with your buddies on a Saturday night. Lame. Act like you care about the job.

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