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City council race veers toward meaningless

The withdrawal of Jeff Wiswell from the city council race (on the heels of Dennis Kugle’s withdrawal) all but makes the upcoming election meaningless. Mary O’Connor, Kathy Thomas and Brian Holmquist are now running for three seats – making them all shoo ins for a 2-year term. I was surprised that Wiswell decided to file […]

Wiswell to run again for city council; Kathy Thomas eying run

After some speculation, word is out that long time city councilman Jeff Wiswell will run for another term this spring. Also, the Herald-Independent posted a story on the spring elections earlier this week, noting that former councilwoman Kathy Thomas is looking to run again as well. The inclusion of Thomas was not a surprise. She […]

City Council – ins and outs

Sunny had a recent column in which she reported Scott Munson would not run for city council next spring. Munson cited a desire to be with family in the evenings more than hanging out with a bunch of middle-aged men as his reason for stepping aside. The move is not a shocker, as Munson had […]

Doug Wood new council president

This was old last week, but I thought it worthy of a quick follow up. Doug Wood was unanimously elected as the city council president. Jeff Wiswell had previously served as president. Wiswell did a classy thing and nominated Wood. It was a nice gesture. He could have encouraged Busse or Kugel to go for […]

Miller scores huge win in mayoral race

Bob Miller is da man in Monona. Miller put the hurt on Jeff Wiswell, capturing almost 64% of the vote in today’s election. Over 4,000 ballots were cast. My initial thoughts about Miller’s victory are that Bob did a good job generating early buzz for his candidacy, he kept it up (lots of yard signs, […]

Campaign literature in Monona

This year, I have generally avoided talking about the campaign literature sent out or dropped at my door step. The reason is that most of the ads have been non-controversial. But I thought I’d make a few comments, including some regarding our only real ‘attack’ ad of the year. Bob Miller’s ‘newspaper’ was interesting. I […]

Former mayor Lichtfeld endorses Miller and Wiswell

Well this is a weird one. Former mayor Richard Lichtfeld sent a letter to the Herald-Independent endorsing both Bob Miller and Jeff Wiswell for Monona mayor. What!?!? So why is Lichtfeld endorsing both men? It seems that Miller had asked for Lichtfeld’s endorsement early in the election cycle, and at the time, Wiswell was uncertain […]

Bob Miller/Jeff Wiswell Death Match Analysis

Let’s skip the elections. Instead, we’ll have a public spectacle – food, drinking and games. We can do the traditional spouse carry contest and bean bag toss, but the highlight will be a Jeff Wiswell vs Bob Miller death match – no weapons – just bare hands. The winner becomes Monona mayor. But who would […]

Monona Rag’s joint interview with Jeff Wiswell and Bob Miller

The Monona Rag sat down with mayoral candidates Bob Miller and Jeff Wiswell. The interview was conducted in a confessional at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. Thanks to Jeff and Bob for cramming into their side of the confessional together for this chat. JDM: What made you want to run for Mayor of Monona? Wiswell: […]

Jeff Wiswell to run for mayor

Word is out that Jeff Wiswell is going to run for mayor. No shock here. That makes it Miller and Wiswell. I don’t know if anyone else will go for it as well. Please post any info if you hear it. We’ll look to run a Mayoral Aspiration item on Bob Miller on Tuesday. Here’s […]