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School Board Race

Board members Jill List and Susan Fox are up for re-election this spring. Fox, who is the board president, has already announced that she will run again. List, on the other hand, is reportedly not going to run. With List out (or even if she is in), who else may be on board to run […]

The Great Maywood Debate

The Maywood debate is going to be a difficult one. I have a feeling we are going to hate this subject as it dominates headlines over the next few months. Closing Maywood will reportedly save the district about $250,000 a year. Superintendent Gerlach says that he wants a decision on Maywood by December. Based upon […]

School Board Fashion Review

The board meeting is online, so it’s time for our look at this week’s fashion at the Monona Grove School Board meeting. The Good For the gentlemen, Lionel Norton had the Sears catalog khakis/dress shirt casual look down. Well done. Superintendent Gerlach did the sport jacket and tie – he handles that look well. For […]

Jill List’s fine wine

At the March 3 board meeting, Monona Grove School Board member Jill List reportedly said that Monona citizens whine about lack of communication, question the administration, and seek delays, with regard to important items – like the closing of Maywood School. She then said that Cottage Grove citizens never seem to have these problems. (She […]