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Will anti-Walker turnout affect Monona elections?

Two months ago, I didn’t think JoAnne Kloppenburg had a chance in the Supreme Court race. But that race has become the focus of anti-Walker sentiment, opening up a door for her that no one could have imagined. The anti-Walker vote will come out in force, but beyond the bigger races, such as for Supreme […]

Campaign literature in Monona

This year, I have generally avoided talking about the campaign literature sent out or dropped at my door step. The reason is that most of the ads have been non-controversial. But I thought I’d make a few comments, including some regarding our only real ‘attack’ ad of the year. Bob Miller’s ‘newspaper’ was interesting. I […]

City Council Debate Review

Better late than never. Sorry it’s taken so long to watch the debate. But here you go. Time for Doug Wood, Jim Busse, Mike Veserat and Chad Speight to get it on. Quite frankly, this was pretty dull affair. There were no incendiary remarks. No great speeches. In fact, the four candidates agreed on most […]

City Council Fashion Cage Match

Imagine our excitement when the latest Monona City Council video went up for us watch. With a wide assortment of suits, ties, sports coats and who-knows-what-else, it’s a feast for any fashion maven. The Candidates Let’s start it off with alderman Jim Busse. Busse didn’t do the jacket thing but he came across nicely. The […]