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Q&A with Monona mayoral candidate Bob Miller

Monona mayoral candidate Bob Miller agreed to do a Q&A with the Rag. We have not edited any of Mr. Miller’s answers. We hope his opponent, Jeff Wiswell, will also participate in the near future. Q. Why do you want to be mayor of Monona? The main reason is I greatly appreciate the autonomy and […]

Kahl out as mayor; Bob Miller first to declare run

Robb Kahl has announced he will not run for mayor in April. It is speculated that Kahl will be getting a position in the Walker administration, but he says he has not accepted any offer ‘as of today’. So we’ll jump to a conclusion and say that something is close. No matter. Good for Robb. […]

What if Kahl doesn’t run for mayor

Monona has a mayoral race next April, and most people assume that Robb Kahl will run for re-election. But as Sunny points out in the intrepid H-I, what if Kahl gets a cabinet position with the Walker administration? Interesting thoughts. The word is that Kahl is in the running to be either Secretary of Transportation […]

Q&A with Mayor Robb Kahl

In our series (hey, we have two replies, it now counts as a series), Mayor Robb Kahl has responded to the Monona Rag’s questionnaire, answering each of our hard-hitting inquiries. As with all of this series, the answers are unedited and will go without comment. Thanks to the mayor for playing along with us. Here […]