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Long live Las Tortugas

In case you missed it, the school district is looking to strike a deal to rent out Maywood to Nuestro Mundo charter school. It is a six year lease that nets the district $165,000 annually, plus 5 spots would be reserved for MG kids in each grade. Nuestro Mundo offers dual instruction in Spanish and […]

Maywood makes mistake of showing ‘Taps’ on last day school

Maywood School, the beloved institution of several generations of Monona kids, closed tragically when students went crazy after watching the film ‘Taps’, starring Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn and Tom Cruise. The 1981 film depicts the takeover of a military academy by cadets after they find out the school is going to be closed. Apparently inspired […]

Proposal to change Maywood School name to ‘Little Gem of a School’

In an effort to shame people into calling for the closing of Maywood School, an effort is underway to change the school name to ‘Little Gem of a School’. By doing so supporters of Maywood want to force those who want to close the beloved school to be afraid of saying things like, ‘I want […]

Maywood of the future

The recent vote to keep Maywood open is just life support. People can’t forget that. It will be too expensive to keep Maywood open as long as K-5 fits comfortably within the wall of Winnequah School. So, how do we keep Maywood open beyond 2010-11? I see two options. First, you can make it so […]

Next Steps for Maywood School

Maywood School has achieved a one year extension on life, but the long term health of the beloved elementary school is not good. The district is in serious money problems – and Monona has to make a serious argument to keep the school open. No one doubts that Maywood is a wonderful school, and that […]

Death of Save Monona Schools on Facebook

A Monona citizen started a ‘Save Monona Schools’ site on Facebook a few weeks ago in an effort to try and help keep Maywood School open. The woman did it, as she stated on the info page, clearly for that reason. She identified herself, and said that she believed the school brought great value to […]

It’s Alive! Maywood Lives!

Well color us silly. Maywood lives. The school board voted, 4-3, to keep Maywood open for at least another year. There was a packed crowd on Wednesday night, most asking the board to preserve Maywood. Many of those that spoke asked for more time to find alternative, or asked the board to dig deeper and […]