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Monona: Fact or Fiction

On warm summer nights, my spouse and I like to make a fire in the backyard and swap stories about Monona with friends. Some of the more outrageous items have endured, so here’s the truth about a gaggle of Monona ‘facts’. Question: Is Kathy Thomas really an undead creature seeing as she’s been on the […]

Clamor to sell Nichols will grow

Monona Grove needs to make $1.2 million in cuts. This year, we don’t have 900k in federal dollars to throw at our deficit. And there won’t be large cuts into public employee compensation like last year. And we can’t close any more schools. That means the district will need to come up with a lot […]

Future of Nichols and Maywood schools

At the most recent school board meeting, the board was given the authority to look into leasing Maywood School, and selling/leasing Nichols. None of this is particularly shocking, since it has been discussed for some months. This does not mean the district is going to sell Nichols. Or lease it or Maywood. It simply gives […]

Nichols/Maywood in the crosshairs

The school board is looking toward the futures of the Maywood and Nichols buildings. Next month, the board will seek authorization from the public to sell and/or lease some district properties. This includes: Sell or lease the Nichols property Sell the two residential properties on Jerome street across from the high school Lease the Maywood […]

RIP Maywood

The school board voted to close Maywood last night. The vote was 5-2, with Susan Manning and Jessica Ace voting to keep the school open. Here’s a nice review of last night’s meeting on the Herald Independent’s website. The move is not unexpected. Lionel Norton and Sue Fox, who had voted last spring to keep […]

Save the Turtle!

Maybe we can’t save Maywood, but maybe we accomplish something different – save the Maywood Turtle. Assuming Maywood is closed (not a hard thing to predict at this stage), the K-2 kids will move to Winnequah. The school board posted on the district website that they would have to make a decision on Winnequah’s mascot […]

Mayor Kahl wants to save Maywood…as a Senior Center

Mayor Kahl sent the district a letter offering a future for Maywood/Nichols/Winnequah schools. Here’s a rundown from Doug Wood’s blog on Kahl’s plan: Maywood: move district offices from Nichols to Maywood, keep pre-K, and turn the rest of it into the new Monona Senior Center. The city would kick in money to upgrade the facility […]

Battleground Maywood – The Movie

Coming to theaters this holiday season – Battleground Maywood A community must come together – before it tears itself apart! It was only a school, but to a community, it was their soul. The out-of-town bean counters plan to close the elementary school and send the children to an overcrowded, crumbling building near a toxic […]

Mayor’s stunning new plan to save Maywood

The debate about Maywood and Winnequah continues for 265th time tonight at the school board meeting. We can assume there will be plenty of teachers protesting the current negations. But the big surprise will be Mayor Robb Kahl’s new new effort to save Maywood. He is going to make it clear that Monona can fill […]

The Great Maywood Debate

The Maywood debate is going to be a difficult one. I have a feeling we are going to hate this subject as it dominates headlines over the next few months. Closing Maywood will reportedly save the district about $250,000 a year. Superintendent Gerlach says that he wants a decision on Maywood by December. Based upon […]