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Monona’s ‘vocal minority’

Who is this mysterious ‘vocal minority’ that seem to be dominating message boards and letters to the editor?

We seem to hear a lot about them. So, who are they? The answer is a whole lot different then you’re led to believe.

Many who disagree with the recent school board decision to not close Maywood like to say that the school was kept open by a ‘vocal minority’ or ‘a few vocal parents’.

The latest of these is former school board member Mike DuPlayee, who wrote a letter to the district newspaper – – criticizing Susan Manning and a ‘few vocal parents” for their efforts to keep Maywood open, and the board for going along with it.

This is total and complete crap – crap that is trying to be repeated by idiots so that people actually believe it. It’s the old saying, keep repeating something over and over – no matter what the truth – and it starts becoming true in the eyes of many. Sad that elected officials resort to this.

In Monona there were 2078 people who voted in the last election. 1646 selected Susan Manning – which means over 80% of the Monona voters agreed that Susan Manning was the best person for the school board.

Just over 50% of Monona residents selected Peter Sobol, while just over 21% selected Jennifer Pickel.

There were 3148 votes cast in Monona for school board – but only 2078 voters – meaning about 1/2 of the voters didn’t bother to vote for a second person.

NOTE: We don’t know where to get the number of voters for Cottage Grove – just the number of total votes cast – 2452. If we use Monona as a guide, and say that 1/2 of the votrs only voted for one person, then the voter total would be around 1600. Again, this is very rough guess.

Combining this number with the Monona voters gives us a total of around 3700 voters – meaning that about 58% of the voters selected Susan Manning. 54% selected Peter Sobol. About 36% selected Jennifer Pickel.

58% or 80% is hardly the ‘silent majority’ that people like Mike DuPlayee like to spew.

Perhaps DuPlayee is still smarting from the lose he took a year ago, sending him off the board.

We have to credit to Mr. DuPlayee for starting off his letter with ‘As a taxpayer of the district…’ – he uses it again later as well. This is the kind of line he used to roll his eyes at in board meetings when citizens would speak. I guess it’s okay for him to use it. This is the guy who supported a flawed referendum, didn’t remember to put playground equipment into our budget one year for one of our schools, and got taken over $1 million in funds CG had promised for construction of the area around GD – but didn’t deliver (so much for getting things in writing). Mr. Financial Wizard at work.

We also love his use of ‘consolidation’ of Maywood. Say it like it is, DuPlayee – you’re closing the school.

We are not arguing that we shouldn’t debate the closing of Maywood. We are arguing that there is strong public sentiment in favor of keeping it open – the strong support in the recent elections shows that the community of Monona – and even the district as a whole – support Susan Manning’s decision to keep Maywood open.

Finally, DuPlayee ends his letter by playing the card that got Glacial Drumlin built – the split card. His ‘if Monona doesn’t do what we want or I’m taking my ball home’ routine is a classic. Use fear and blame to get what you want.

Sorry, Mike, but the ‘vocal minority’ isn’t putting up with it.