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Future of Nichols School

As we talk about new businesses in Monona, we end up with several questions about the future of the old Nichols School building on the corner of Monona and Nichols/Pflaum. The building is currently being used by the school district as offices. In the recent budget dealings, numerous people have brought up Nichols School as […]

Restaurant Review: David’s Jamaican

David’s Jamaican restaurant has been on Monona Drive for quite a few years. It is, like so many of Monona Drive’s establishments, a locally run business. We spent some time recently tasting many David’s offerings, and here’s our report. The Good The Jerk Chicken if fabulous. The only thing we had that came close was […]

Monona Drive construction woes

While we are all excited at actually fixing up Monona Drive, we have to endure the construction process. First, we have to say this – don’t people understand how to use the middle turn lane in the construction zone? Is it that hard to figure this out? I’ve see too many idiots take left hand […]