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Fox in the Hen House

Some folks have said that Monona Grove School Board member Sue Fox has put the screws on Monona with her vote to move 6th graders to Cottage Grove and her apparent support of closing Maywood School – in the Comedy Herald she is quoted as ‘agreeing’ with Craig Gerlach with regard to closing Maywood, saying, ‘The stark reality of the economics is staring (us) in the face.’

Some people have said that Fox, a former teacher, is more indebted to her the teachers and administration than the citizens of Monona.

The district teacher’s calls for less ‘travel’ between the two school’s is a frequent comment about the positives of moving the 6th graders from Winnequah to Glacial Drumlin.

We argue that less travel for 50-75 Monona kids a year is a worthy trade off than 6-10 teachers having to travel between the two schools.

Still, the Maywood vote hasn’t happened, but we are not hopeful that Sue will try and maintain the beloved Monona Elementary School.