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Robb Kahl’s Assembly Bid

Robb Kahl is making a bid for the Wisconsin assembly in the newly restructured 47th district. The move isn’t a shocker, but many were surprised that Kahl is running as a democrat. In Kahl’s time as Monona’s mayor, he worked to avoid saying what ‘party’ he was part of. But many saw him as a […]

Monona: Fact or Fiction

On warm summer nights, my spouse and I like to make a fire in the backyard and swap stories about Monona with friends. Some of the more outrageous items have endured, so here’s the truth about a gaggle of Monona ‘facts’. Question: Is Kathy Thomas really an undead creature seeing as she’s been on the […]

What are Mayor Bob’s moves?

We have a new mayor, a new alderman, a new council president – what does this mean for Monona. What course do you think Mayor Miller and the re-configured council will take in the coming months? What are projects/things you’d like to see them address? What are the things you are AFRAID they will do? […]

It’s Mayor Robb Kahl Day!

The governor has proclaimed Tuesday, April 19, as Robb Kahl Day throughout Wisconsin. The proclamation means the following for Kahl: A ride on Super Friendly Horse. The stop sign at Maywood and Winnequah will be coated in solid gold. A plaque instead of a cabinet job from Walker. Free lunch at the new Meriter clinic […]

What if Kahl doesn’t run for mayor

Monona has a mayoral race next April, and most people assume that Robb Kahl will run for re-election. But as Sunny points out in the intrepid H-I, what if Kahl gets a cabinet position with the Walker administration? Interesting thoughts. The word is that Kahl is in the running to be either Secretary of Transportation […]

Mayor Kahl wants to save Maywood…as a Senior Center

Mayor Kahl sent the district a letter offering a future for Maywood/Nichols/Winnequah schools. Here’s a rundown from Doug Wood’s blog on Kahl’s plan: Maywood: move district offices from Nichols to Maywood, keep pre-K, and turn the rest of it into the new Monona Senior Center. The city would kick in money to upgrade the facility […]

Sunny brings out the knives

I think the mayor has pissed off Sunny Shubert. In her latest gem, she tells us that the mayor was behind the solar powered stop signs on Winneequah – but after the outcry against them, he blamed ‘city staff’ for their installation. And that Kahl is called ‘the dictator’ by some staff. Ouch, those knives […]

Mayor wants entire city of Monona declared TIF zone

Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating, but it’s not that far off. Mayor Kahl is proposing that Meriter, one of the biggest corporations in the state, get $2.55 million in TIF money from the city. TIF (Tax Incremental Finance Districts) is essentially a way for a city to sort of bribe companies to build in their community. […]

Mayor Kahl’s Plan to Make Monona ‘Greenest City in America’

Mayor Robb Kahl unveiled his plan to make Monona the ‘Greenest City in America’. “We’ll start by tearing up every road in Monona and replacing it with awesome grass space,” began the Mayor. The one exception would be for the newly remodeled Monona Drive, which would remain as the only road through the city. The […]

Mayoral Aspirations, Anyone? Robb Kahl.

We are about six months away before anyone gets too excited about Monona’s mayoral race, but it’s not too late to speculate who might throw their hat in the ring. Today we’ll look at incumbent, Robb Kahl. We assume Kahl will run again. He’s played some chips this past year, making plays to save Maywood […]