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Monona Community Calendar

Here’s a list of some of the great family events happening in Monona that you should make sure you put on your calendar. Great Road Construction Celebration All Year through 2015 Rally for a Stop Sign at (insert street) All Year Long School Closing / Budget Cut Bonanza February-March Election Hysteria March-April Ill-Informed Letters to […]

Monona to install more random stop signs to increase blog comments

After all the blog activity on Monona related sites such as the Rag and Doug Wood’s blog, the city has decided to start randomly posting stop signs at various intersections around Monona to instigate numerous freak outs, flame wars and pissing contests about the merit of each sign. The comment sections on Doug Wood’s blog […]

Winnequah Stop Signs

It’s been a week since the two stop signs were put in on Winnequah Road. My initial reaction was it really ruins what was a pretty nice drive. I have to admit, I hate the stop signs. But I understand why the locals want these. Still, as some have pointed out, we aren’t supposed to […]

Winnequah Road slowdown measures

Monona’s intrepid government has been discussing potential ways of slowing down traffic on Winnequah Road. Our first thoughts are “how bad is the speeding anyhow”. Now, I’m not talking anecdotal comments from the locals – I’m talking about real tracking data about the speed on the road. I say this because what 25 mph speed […]