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School Board Fashion Review – May 2011

This was barely a step above a city council fashion review. Dull, dull and more dull. I almost cried watching. I miss Jill List. One side of the room wore black. Most of the other side was stuck in 1978. Thanks to Superintendent Gerlach and Lionel Norton for adding some variety to the affair. Here’s […]

The Great Maywood Debate

The Maywood debate is going to be a difficult one. I have a feeling we are going to hate this subject as it dominates headlines over the next few months. Closing Maywood will reportedly save the district about $250,000 a year. Superintendent Gerlach says that he wants a decision on Maywood by December. Based upon […]

School Board Fashion Review

The weather was hot for the last School Board meeting, but we have to say the fashions were sweltering. My fingers are sweating it was so good. And the best? It was all the best! Simply amazing. Let’s start at the top. Superintendent Craig Gerlach was dashing and casual all at once in a tan […]

Monona’s ‘vocal minority’

Who is this mysterious ‘vocal minority’ that seem to be dominating message boards and letters to the editor? We seem to hear a lot about them. So, who are they? The answer is a whole lot different then you’re led to believe. Many who disagree with the recent school board decision to not close Maywood […]

School Board Vote

As we look at the school board election for this week, there are two seats and three candidates. We have to admit that from the perspective of trying to keep education long term in Monona for k-12, it’s a bit dismaying. On one hand, Susan Manning has fought to keep our kids in Monona even […]