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Monona Community Calendar

Here’s a list of some of the great family events happening in Monona that you should make sure you put on your calendar. Great Road Construction Celebration All Year through 2015 Rally for a Stop Sign at (insert street) All Year Long School Closing / Budget Cut Bonanza February-March Election Hysteria March-April Ill-Informed Letters to […]

Alderman Mike Veserat on TIF

Monona Alderman Mike Veserat sent us this with regard to the recent discussions on TIF projects here in Monona. Here you go: Why I voted ‘Yes’ to TIF. I believe TIF to be a tool. In my  opinion I believe that the cap rate of 8.5% used in the analysis to value the purchase price […]

TIF Q&A with New Assistant Mayor

The Monona Rag had the pleasure of interviewing new Assistant Mayor Smithers with regard to the $2.55 million TIF proposal for the new Meriter facility on Broadway Drive. Rag:  Tell me the details of the proposed TIF district at the corner of Stoughton and Broadway. Smithers:  We’re very excited. We are talking about a slick […]

Mayor wants entire city of Monona declared TIF zone

Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating, but it’s not that far off. Mayor Kahl is proposing that Meriter, one of the biggest corporations in the state, get $2.55 million in TIF money from the city. TIF (Tax Incremental Finance Districts) is essentially a way for a city to sort of bribe companies to build in their community. […]