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$17.2 million pedestrian bridge approved for Winnequah Road

In a move to improve pedestrian safety in Monona, the city council has approved a foot bridge that will help citizens safely cross Winnequah Rd. The $17.2 million structure will be located between the intersections of Graham and Frost Woods. “It’s been a long time coming,” said a local resident. Construction of the bridge will […]

Save the Turtle!

Maybe we can’t save Maywood, but maybe we accomplish something different – save the Maywood Turtle. Assuming Maywood is closed (not a hard thing to predict at this stage), the K-2 kids will move to Winnequah. The school board posted on the district website that they would have to make a decision on Winnequah’s mascot […]

Mayor Kahl wants to save Maywood…as a Senior Center

Mayor Kahl sent the district a letter offering a future for Maywood/Nichols/Winnequah schools. Here’s a rundown from Doug Wood’s blog on Kahl’s plan: Maywood: move district offices from Nichols to Maywood, keep pre-K, and turn the rest of it into the new Monona Senior Center. The city would kick in money to upgrade the facility […]

Fox in the Hen House

Some folks have said that Monona Grove School Board member Sue Fox has put the screws on Monona with her vote to move 6th graders to Cottage Grove and her apparent support of closing Maywood School – in the Comedy Herald she is quoted as ‘agreeing’ with Craig Gerlach with regard to closing Maywood, saying, […]

Bump outs on Winnequah Road

Who had the brilliant idea to do these bump outs on Winneqauh Road in Monona. And even worse, who approved theĀ  things? I mean, common sense should have said they were plain dumb. The idea is that the bumps outs would cause drivers to slow down as the road got narrower (at least, that’s what […]